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Allure Painting uses 35+ years of experience in roof painting in Perth to provide a beautiful yet durable finish that’s suitable to withstand the Australian sun beating down on it all day long.

Roof restoration service are available, not through Allure Painting, but through a company that we have a close working relationship with. We can organise the roof restoration on your behalf, or we can provide you the details to organise it yourself – whichever you prefer.

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A quality paint job starts before the first brush stroke.

If your home is like most that have been subjected to the harsh Perth climate for more than 20 years, then there’s a good chance that your roof tiles are starting to look old and faded.

What we’ve found, is that despite the age and appearance, most tiles are actually in pretty good condition. So, often, a full roof replacement or large-scale roof restoration isn’t actually required.

A pressure washing and a new coat of paint, in whatever colour you prefer, is the most cost-effective and impressive solution.

Whether you have a tiled or metal roof, we have the experience, products and attention to detail to produce an Alluring finish to your home that will make you love your roof again.

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There are many painting companies that will offer to respray your roof on the cheap.

Unfortunately, when quote are coming in that cheap, cuts have to be made somewhere – and those cuts are often in the preparation (which is key to a beautiful finish as well as properly bonding to your roof) and the quality of the paint that gets applied to your roof.

At Allure Painting, we’ll never be in the bottom price range for quotes. Because, if we did, we’d be running this business at a loss.

Quality materials and tools cost money, but it’s the only way to produce that perfect finish that stands the test of time.

In reality, you don’t really want to be paying to have your roof sprayed more than once during your ownership – with Allure painting, you have a much stronger chance of never having to spray your roof again as our work stands the test of time.


Allure Painting provide free quotes with absolutely no obligation for you to go ahead.

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