What are the benefits of using neutral paint colours?

Do you hesitate to use neutral paint on your walls because it seems boring? Bold isn’t always better when it comes to interior design. Neutral paint colours can be just as exciting and aesthetically pleasing as bright, vivacious colours if you use them correctly.

Most interior designers agree that neutrals are colours with a base colour of grey or white. With this definition in mind, you can use either warm neutrals (with hints of yellow, red or orange) or cool neutrals (with touches of blue or green) as long as they are on the grey to white colour spectrum.

If you are choosing a wall colour, consider these benefits of using neutral colours.

Design Freedom

Using neutral paint allows you the freedom to change the overall style of your room without repainting. For instance, a grey wall pairs well with black furniture and red accents. In a few years when you feel the design is out-dated, you can change the furniture to lighter brown pieces and add maroon accents. Neutral colours create a blank canvas that works with almost any style.

Neutrals also give you freedom because you’re not limited to a certain colour scheme. Rather, neutrals work with a wide variety of colours. Buying new furniture and accent pieces is a breeze because your neutral wall looks great with most colours. Neutral paint colours allow you to customize every room to match your style.

Resale Value

Far more homebuyers prefer neutral tones over vibrant, bright colours. If you ever want to sell your house, you will have greater success if your rooms have neutral wall colours. Bright colours tend to distract buyers, while neutrals allow them to envision their personal style and furniture in the home. Neutrals also help to highlight home details, such as crown moulding or wainscoting.

Think of painting walls neutral as an investment that allows you to avoid the need to repaint when it comes time to resell your home. And asking a professional painting company to complete the job ensures that the neutral colours look sharp for years.

Versatile Accent Walls

If you want to include a colourful accent wall, neutral colours provide a complementary palette right away. Simply ask professional painters to paint three of the walls with your neutral paint colour. Then have them use a flattering accent colour for the fourth wall. By using neutral paints, you save time comparing and matching numerous colours.


Have you ever painted a room with a bright, bold colour before? How long did you wait until you wanted to repaint to a more calm colour? One of the best benefits of using neutral colours is most people don’t grow tired of them. Neutrals are a classic choice.

If you get bored of the neutral colour, you can easily liven up a space with bright throw pillows or beautiful flowers. Fortunately, you can change these elements quickly and inexpensively without having to choose a new wall colour.

Focused Design

Rooms quickly become chaotic when homeowners couple bright walls with eccentric accent pieces. This type of design has too many pieces trying to take centre stage. Accomplished interior designers understand that a well-designed room has a clear focus.

You can create a focused design by using neutral backgrounds mixed with warm textures. Some warm textures you could use include wood, metal or velvet.


Neutral beige paint helps to create a welcoming, warm space. No matter what size of room you have, beige helps to increase room size while still maintaining the room’s comfortable atmosphere. Use beige in spaces where you want to create an inviting environment where friends and family can enjoy their time together.


Using neutral paint colours allows you to create a space that can change with your style. So, the next time you have expert painters refresh the walls at your house, choose neutral colours.

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