How Our Residential Painters can Refresh Your Home in Perth

The importance of a great exterior paint job cannot be overstated. This is your face to the world. All house painters Perth residents use will tell you that the value of your home is greatly increased, and a good coat of paint protects your outside walls against the harsh elements of rain, hail and the beating sun. Giving your home a face lift protects the outside, the inside, and it adds some serious curb appeal.

There comes a time when treating the stains on the outside of your house just does not do the job. The wall colours start fading, paint begins to chip and the plants eventually leave their marks underneath your windows. Spot painting here and there, a little bit of filler, and sanding down chipped paint eventually leaves your home looking like a badly made quilt. It also devalues your investment. A good residential paint job will give you back your home’s value, and you’ll love it again.

Call the residential painters Perth home and business owners prefer. We use the highest quality paints, and application techniques that ensure the longevity of your home’s exterior. There is a paint type for every exterior surface, and we know how to apply them effectively.

If your home has a wooden-, masonry-, or aluminium side exterior, using a 100% acrylic latex paint is applied simply, because it offers brilliant adhesion. It’s an extremely flexible product that stretches with these materials; it expands and contracts in the hot and cold weather. Gripping the wood, acrylic paint doesn’t allow peeling and flaking, giving your home that just-painted finish for years to come. However, you may want to change the colour in the not too distant future, as trends go.

Choosing a paint colour is an exciting venture and we have seen many clients enjoy selecting a colour that will complement their homes. We have an assortment of hues to enhance the face value of your house.

If you are not selling, then choose a colour to reflect your personal décor style and the kind of charm you want to achieve. Natural colours such as caramels and browns, with the right architectural style, can produce a Tuscan ambiance. Clay plaster walls, when painted in white, produce a Greek-island effect. The options are endless.

If, however, you want to sell your home, then we suggest you stick with a neutral/generic colour, which will appeal to potential buyers. Bold colours or badly peeling/bubbling paint will cause a buyer to downscale their offer. Unless buyers are looking for homes to fix up, most of them want a house that already stands out.

Don’t assume that a great paint job only makes your house look good on the outside. The interior benefits hugely from a professional exterior paint job. When hiring the Allure Painting team, we adequately prepare the surface and only use waterproof paints that prevent damp from penetrating your walls.

It may seem that painting your home and boosting its aesthetic appeal simply requires a quick lick of paint, but that really is not the case. In order to achieve the best painting results and attain a smooth colour and textured finish, it’s essential to first prep the surface with the correct equipment, which we have.

A good painter, great colour, exceptional technique and all-round superior preparation will ensure your home gets a premium face lift, making it appealing to you, and potential buyers. The effects of a great paint job can boost the value of your home without a doubt.

To ensure your home is given a serious face lift that will stand the test of time, contact the professionals for house painting Perth residential and commercial property owners’ trust.