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The Best Paint Colours for Your Business

The colour of your walls represents one of the most undervalued assets your business possesses. Colour has a profound effect on your psychology, and the right colour can influence your employees to work more efficiently or appeal more to your customers or clients.

Child-Proof Your Walls with These 4 Painting Tricks

You love your children’s tiny hands and feet. You can’t get enough of each little finger, and you kiss each bruised toe with gentleness and care. But sometimes your children’s hands and feet make all sorts of messes. They fling food, smear dirt and rub who-knows-what into your furniture.

What Is Low-VOC Paint and Why Does It Matter?

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a freshly painted interior. Every space seems cleaner and brighter. For these reasons, most people welcome the sharp scent of painted walls and surfaces. However, some painting manufacturers realise that more consumers want eco-friendly paints on their walls. These eco-friendly paints generally contain fewer volatile organic compounds (also known as VOCs).

Update Your Interior with these 6 Paint Techniques

Whether you just bought a home or moved into a new apartment, you want your living space to reflect your personality. Different colours and textures give your home variety and make your room eye-catching to guests who visit.

How to Prepare a Room for Professional Painting

Perhaps you’ve tried the DIY route. And now that you have finished, the paint doesn’t look how you envisioned. Perhaps you had another painter come in but didn’t like the job they’ve done. Perhaps you’d like a total interior design renovation and you’re looking for a professional to take care of the job for you.

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