5 Reasons to Hire Allure Painters

For anyone other than professionals, painting a large building can certainly take its toll on the stress levels, and cost a fortune in equipment that will never be used again. If you’re personally up for the challenge of painting your hotel, silo or warehouse, there are many factors you need to take into account, such as scaffolding, safety, equipment, and manpower. However, if you decide to hire the commercial painters Perth businesses have used for years, you’re saving yourself time, stress and money.

Allure Painting has been involved in large-scale commercial painting projects for many years, which means we understand, and are more than equipped to handle the mammoth task of painting large buildings and structures. These are some of the reasons to trust the experts when it comes to commercial painting:


Commercial painters need vast experience and knowledge in order to achieve the best results. We know how much paint is required, which type of paint is best for different kinds of exteriors, and how the surfaces need to be treated. Commercial structure painting also requires a vast amount of equipment, which always needs to be safely operated. These factors are all essential in ensuring a flawless paint job.

Experienced painters know what is required and fully understand the safety aspects of high-rise painting projects. Leave the big painting jobs to the experts. We have a vast amount of experience in every aspect of commercial painting, including proper preparation of the wall surface of a large building.


No paint job should ever be undertaken without meticulously preparing the wall surface first. The correct surface preparation will ensure a successful paint job. When your large building needs to be re-painted, you’re certainly going to want to ensure the job is only undertaken once, because a bad paint job could mean flaking, peeling and chipping paint within a few months. Then you’ll be right back to square one.

Get it done correctly the first time with Allure Painting. We will ensure all cracks are filled, holes are sealed, old paint is removed, and surfaces are perfectly smoothed and treated before undertaking any kind of priming, or painting.

The right paint

A quality finish is non-negotiable, particularly when your business is involved. A professional finish will protect the outside and inside of your building, and add credence to your brand. As you well know, commercial premises are costly to maintain, and without the correct paint, you may be

dealing with leaking ceilings, damp, peeling and flaking paint. This leaves your property looking derelict, unpolished, and unprofessional.

Get great painting results the first time around with the experts. We will ensure your building walls are prepped correctly before painting, and use the correct paint for the job. Selecting the right paint requires consideration of factors like adhesion, coverage, durability, absorption and longevity. All of these contributing factors, combined with the right equipment, ensures a professional surface finish.


A lot of equipment, aside from paint rollers, turpentine and buckets, is needed for commercial painting jobs. Large buildings require scaffolding, ladders, rolls of masking tape, drop cloths, plastic covering, pumps, spray guns and sealants, amongst many other products. These essentials are required to ensure the job is done correctly, and within a reasonable time period..


Commercial painting companies are insured and licensed to work on large structures. Being insured means that if something goes awry, it gets fixed. When hiring a professional to undertake your large painting project, you’re buying peace of mind, because safety and premium workmanship are all covered.

For commercial painting Perth businesses have trusted for years, contact us today. We get it done properly, the first time.